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Q: What is the number one reason startups fail?
"THE WRONG PEOPLE, hands down. All other problems are a derivitave."
Roger Ehrenberg, Managing Partner at IA Ventures, former angel investor


Make maximum use of our network and partnerships to find the best investments for our fund.


By having a deeper knowledge of the people behind our investments, we can confidently invest not only in the company but in the management team as well. Investing in great companies combined with great teams will allow us to provide market-beating returns for our investors.


Timothy M. Paolini

Co-founder, 6Degrees Ventures

Board Member, NYU Blockchain Digital Asset Forum


After graduating from the US Naval Academy in 2006 with a B.S. with Merit in Economics, Tim went on to serve 9 years as a CH-53E Pilot in the US Marine Corps. Upon leaving the military, he went on to work with a couple different startups, assisting them in organizational management and networking. From there he realized he wanted to position himself to better support entrepreneurs as he was constantly inspired by their passion and drive. With the help of family and friends, 6Degrees Ventures was born with the name inspired by the support of all those in his network.

Brian A. Scullion

Co-founder, 6Degrees Ventures

Founder/CEO, V Global Connect


From clerking on the floor of the London Stock Exchange at 16 years old for Kidder & Peabody to the founding of his own trading firm, V Derivatives, Brian has been successfully navigating the global marketplace for over 20 years. He has gone on to own several additional businesses in a wide variety of sectors while continually building his rolodex. With his extensive global network, he decided to launch V Global Connect and has found success with connecting both startups and well established brands like Jim Beam, Lifetime Fitness, and Trek bicycles to the Central and South American markets.

David Fox

CFO/Treasurer at Fisher House Foundation

Managing Director at Greenwich Associates

Strategic Planner at Booz, Allen & Hamilton

Officer at First National Bank of Chicago

Mark Hess

Director Data Processing Division, IBM

VP and Service Director, Gartner Group

Officer, US Air Force

Paul Hadjy


Founder of Pandoros

Chief Information Security Officer, GrabTaxi

Head of Asian Operations, Palantir

David Dietzel

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

20+ years conducting financial due-diligence services at PwC

Clients include the major banking institutions, large private equity firms and Fortune 500 companies

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